After the meeting, for the actual rendering of the automotive supplies market competition under the new situation, leading the steady development of the automotive supplies industry, corporate brand-building to help automotive supplies, HC Network Ten selection committee questionnaire in the form of information on the award-winning enterprise feedback .

Investigation topics: the Gimhae film ‘2010 automotive supplies industry, Ten selection Activities Survey

The survey form: This survey, sent by mail, facsimile transmission, QQ or MSN online file transfer survey, aimed for the top ten award-winning enterprise.

A questionnaire for the ten award-winning enterprise investigation investigation The major route for the mail, facsimile transmission, QQ or MSN online file transfer;

Questionnaire issued to 57, the effective recovery of 53, the effective recovery rate of 93% to reach the survey expected results;

2010 China Top Ten Award used auto parts Presentation Ceremony of the automotive supplies industry, announced the 11 awards handed out 57 awards. Which last year’s Ten Outstanding dealer and two awards of the Ten Outstanding service organizations merged into the Ten Outstanding circulation services business awards, the Top Ten, ten well-known brands, top ten new brand, the top ten potential brand awards remain change;

In addition, the organizing committee will launch a special 2010 Best Environmental Contribution Award, 2010 Best Product Design Award 2010 Best Product Innovation Award, 2010 Rookie of the Year suppliers, 2010 Ten selection brands providers, the six sectors of the Industry Contribution Award Special Contribution Award. Top Ten Organizing Committee, establish brand awareness and lead the industry, but also enhance a high degree of industry innovation and environmental protection.


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